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The best features of our agar.io cheats web-based generator

Ability to Change Your Name

Every time you log into a game, you have the opportunity to change the in-game name. If you are really good at the agar.io, changing the in-game name will keep other opponents from ganging up on you. Even if you have played with the same people 10 different times, they will never know the difference.

Adding Friends

The ability to add in-game friends will be useful any time you want to play in a ranked match.


One of the biggest benefits to the game is no one knows who you are or what country you reside. It's a great way to team up with strangers and take down some of the biggest cells in the game.

Private Games

If you only want to play with friends, setup a private game server. The best option is through a LAN Server

Ranked Matches

There are two different ways to play in a ranked match. You can either in a 7 vs. 7 setup, or a 5 vs. 5 game. This will require you to create a lobby and bring some friends with you.


We all like being at the top, but even if you haven't reached #1, there are still personal statistics. These are very basic, but they definitely give you something to shoot for during the next game. Agar keeps track of both; the highest score you have attained, and the longest amount of time you have been able to survive.


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I was having a hard time reaching the top 3 spots until I found this agario.io hack. Now I expect to be #1 minutes after I start playing! They taught me to utilize different abilities in a way I never thought possible. My favorite play is using the yellow cell color, no one can really see me if I have invisibility on and my username is blank. All you have to do is hold one button and PRESTO!

Mary Fortin

Agar.io Player

Just stopped by to say THANK YOU for those tools you gave me a few days ago. I wasn't gaining nearly enough points when I was playing, so you can imagine my frustrations after an hour of time invested in the game. The specific hacks I received are all I needed to go from last to the top 3. Thanks again.

Reuben Philbrick

Agar.io Player

Omg, lol. These hacks are awesome!!! I am so addicted to agar.io, and even though I am usually at the top of the leaderboard, your hacks keep me there all the time. I am usually just messing around, splitting cells, making bigger cells get hit with a virus cluster, or just making someone chase me for minutes. It's a huge laugh and I couldn't have done it without your strategy.

Douglas Sewell

Agar.io Player

What is Agar.io Cheats?

Read about what agar.io is and how our hack can help you.

Agar.io is a multiplayer web browser game where you begin as a small circular cell. The goal is to grow in diameter, score points, and take over the number one spot on the leaderboard. Be careful though, your opponents are geared to do the same. Watch out for the virus clusters too, because another player can use them to make your cell smaller, or trap you just before they swallow you whole. However without an agar.io hack, taking over the leaderboard can be quite difficult.

The overall graphics of the game are basic, but it doesn't matter, because the popularity is unbelievable. Players from all corners of the world are playing this game.

Keep in mind; the game can be frustrating, especially if a bunch of larger cells are bullying the board. This is where an agar.io hack can help you overcome the obstacle and become the bigger cell.

It's a mind-numbing game to say the least, but completely addictive. Players will spend hours using their mouse or mouse-pad to roam around the game. In the beginning, you are an extremely small cell, which means you are super-fast. However, as you continue to collect smaller masses, you grow in size, which essentially makes you slower.

Then, just when you think it’s safe, a competitor comes out of nowhere and takes you down; game over. The good news is that you can start over and over again, and with a little help from our generator, you can be the winner.